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ISO 9001 Ferrous and Non Ferrous Castings
  As a specialist in Whiteheart Malleable, Grey Iron and Spheroidal Graphite  our priority is to provide customers with the right castings solution at the right time and place ! We have an enviable market reputation for providing ferrous and non ferrous casting solutions to customers’ technical enquiries through our friendly, caring personnel.
Established in 1986 on the back of 20 years  hands on casting experience of the 2 directors. During this time, when many castors have exited the cast foundry industry, Purbright Castings has experienced steady growth.
This is attributed to the company’s ability to respond accurately and quickly to customers’ changing needs with appropriate technical investments. This had been achieved via a combination of direct investment in new technologies and equipment and, acquisition.
Our honesty is also another major contributor to our success; as if we cannot satisfy your enquiry with the proper solution, we don’t try to fudge a result, we will tell you and if we can, we will sign post you to the right solution.
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Updated ISO certificate
We have received our latest certificate detailing our Quality Accreditation 2016
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Gray iron or grey iron was the original "cast iron". It is relatively easy and inexpensive to make. Grey iron has a lower tensile strength and lower ductility.

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Sand Casting 

Our extensive casting facilities not only enable us to cast in Green sand and chemically bonded sand across a variety of metal sizes and technical specifications, but also across an extensive size range, starting with a few grams up to 100 kg.

Grey Iron 
Whiteheart Malleable
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